Dropping the baby talk

It’s only just hit me this month quite how much my life has changed after having a baby. Sure, a year ago we’d just got our heads around the sleepless nights, the constant demands and a lack of a social life, but a year on and I’m only now starting to feel a little bit like myself again.
I think the fact I’m working regular hours again and talking to other human beings who don’t all have babies, and feeling happier leaving Ethan overnight with the grandparents, has all reminded me of who I was before we had Ethan. I’m starting to emerge from a bubble…. I’m running again, I’m drinking wine more regularly, catching up with more friends and now the sun is shining I’m feeling pretty damn good! As for the knitting – well it’s on a bit of a back burner…. You may recall I knitted a bobble hat a couple of weeks back – perfect for this weather. And now I’ve decided that the woolly shawl I’m working on isn’t really that urgent! Still, I’m sure I’ll be picking up the needles in good time.
Ethan’s walking now, so a phase has only just begun……



Blog fail

May is fast becoming a blog write-off. I did attempt to post a couple of days ago, and I had a colourful and witty piece, complete with photos, ready to go all about Ethan’s 1st birthday. However “computer said no” and when I pressed the publish button, my minutes of carefully crafted wit were erased forever. It’s a shame, it was a truly spectacular post – but for now, you’ll just have to read this rubbish instead.
I’ll try harder next time.

Mr grasshead – the sequel

I promised you an update of Mr Grasshead and I’m aware that it’s been a while since my last post.
All of a sudden I appear to be ridiculously busy, and we have the impending first birthday for Ethan approaching.
I’ve posed him here (Mr Grasshead, not Ethan) next to a pineapple, of which I think he bears a strong resemblance, and I appreciate that a haircut might be on the cards shortly.
Enjoy the wet bank holiday weekend!


Holiday over

That’s it. Holiday over. I start back to work on Wednesday. Now I know most people reading this will think, “isn’t that a shame, holidays rock,” but actually I cannot wait.
I’ve had a wonderful year watching my son learn to hold his head up, sit up, crawl, eat proper food, and now nearly walk. It’s been such an amazing time but now I need routine and just a bit of me time. All you mums know how vital a few hours of peace are – even if it’s just the drive to work. I’ll be able to talk to other grown ups without having to peel my son off my face as he tries to stick his finger up my nose or pull my hair. I can drink a hot cup of tea, and I can eat lunch without being stared at until I agree to share it.
It’s only 20 hours a week. That’s enough for me. The rest of the time will be for me and my son.


The best of both worlds

Having spent a whole month of my life officially unemployed, I’m now delighted to report that I will be a working mum as of the end of April. Part time, of course!
I have to say the process of trying to find a good job has been gruelling, not least because of the current economic climate and hundreds of people applying for each position, but also the application-filling-out drudgery which I hadn’t had to face since leaving university. Anyway, after everything, I’ve now been offered a fantastic post working for a youth charity in Somerset.
Having been on maternity leave for almost a year the hardest thing now will be to leave Ethan for half the week. Happily we have support from the grandparents and a fantastic childminder lined up. Now I just have to bite the bullet.
Am I looking forward to it? Definitely. After having no one but Ethan to babble to on a daily basis, I’m really looking forward to getting sone structure back to my week. And speaking to real life grown ups!


A price to pay for tranquility

It’s lunchtime, it’s sunny, and it’s silent.

Nothing strange about that you might think…. but this is the first bit of peace and quiet I’ve had for some time and it’s amazed me how much I’ve achieved in one morning with no husband or baby getting under my feet!

Before Ethan I used to procrastinate quite a bit when chores needed doing, when I needed to complete a piece of work, write a blog, get my paperwork in order, that sort of thing. Now I find I can get things done in lightening speed – based on the fact that most things need doing in the time when Ethan is napping – approximately one hour.

When he’s awake  – nothing can be achieved, other than keeping him happy. So I’ve learnt to be fast, and effective. Now I have done all that needs doing for the morning and I’m casually writing this – with no pressure to write quickly – and it’s wonderful!

In order to gain this tranquility I’ve had to turn down a trip to Bridport market with friends – this is where Ethan and Guy currently are. And I’m sure it would have been a wonderful day out – one which I’m gutted to miss. But on the other hand, I’m sitting in the garden on my own – it’s just gone lunchtime, it’s sunny and it’s silent.


My first mother’s day

I’m a bit late in posting this, but a lovely mother’s day spent with family rendered me slightly too tipsy to write anything sensible on Sunday. As my first mother’s day of actually being a bona fide “mother” I have to say it was most agreeable.
A cup of tea made my husband first thing, and a lovely card and beautiful orchid selected carefully by Ethan – he has an eye for quality – made me feel very special. Then came the wondrous promise from Guy that he would tidy the kitchen for me while I had a shower. This would have been a great present had Guy not have fallen asleep on the sofa (photographic evidence immediately posted on Facebook). And while I had the opportunity of an hour’s peace and quiet, I donned the rubber gloves myself and scrubbed said kitchen, and just for good measure, the bathroom as well!
I suppose it was a small price to pay for some quality me time.
Anyway, the thought was there, and I got to feel very appreciated for the rest of the day.
So mother’s day, although a commercial money-spinner, I have decided, is a very good thing indeed.