Child’s play for grown ups


Meet Mr Grasshead. Ok, so right now he looks a bit like a pair of tights with some mud shoved in them, but I am assured he will soon be sprouting hair (and then I might even give him some eyes). This is my first venture into the world of “making things with babies” and to be honest it was a little one sided.
The suggestion at the children’s centre to make a Mr Grasshead filled me with immense joy, however Ethan was less than impressed. I had to drag him over to the tray of mud, while enthusiastically cooing and oohing and poking his fingers in it. He eventually managed to free himself of my grasp and then crawled over to the one thing he actually wanted to play with – the dustpan.
This did leave me free to make a grasshead for myself and I’m rather pleased with him.
It’s very simple you know, so for all those grown ups that want to make one (and, of course if you’re children are interested), simply take a length of chopped up tights, tie a knot in one end, fill with soil, sprinkle grass seed over the top and tie another knot. Then form a nose and tie with a piece of wool. Remember to keep your grass head watered.
I shall take another picture when he’s looking more hirsute!


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