Holiday over

That’s it. Holiday over. I start back to work on Wednesday. Now I know most people reading this will think, “isn’t that a shame, holidays rock,” but actually I cannot wait.
I’ve had a wonderful year watching my son learn to hold his head up, sit up, crawl, eat proper food, and now nearly walk. It’s been such an amazing time but now I need routine and just a bit of me time. All you mums know how vital a few hours of peace are – even if it’s just the drive to work. I’ll be able to talk to other grown ups without having to peel my son off my face as he tries to stick his finger up my nose or pull my hair. I can drink a hot cup of tea, and I can eat lunch without being stared at until I agree to share it.
It’s only 20 hours a week. That’s enough for me. The rest of the time will be for me and my son.



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