The best of both worlds

Having spent a whole month of my life officially unemployed, I’m now delighted to report that I will be a working mum as of the end of April. Part time, of course!
I have to say the process of trying to find a good job has been gruelling, not least because of the current economic climate and hundreds of people applying for each position, but also the application-filling-out drudgery which I hadn’t had to face since leaving university. Anyway, after everything, I’ve now been offered a fantastic post working for a youth charity in Somerset.
Having been on maternity leave for almost a year the hardest thing now will be to leave Ethan for half the week. Happily we have support from the grandparents and a fantastic childminder lined up. Now I just have to bite the bullet.
Am I looking forward to it? Definitely. After having no one but Ethan to babble to on a daily basis, I’m really looking forward to getting sone structure back to my week. And speaking to real life grown ups!



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