A price to pay for tranquility

It’s lunchtime, it’s sunny, and it’s silent.

Nothing strange about that you might think…. but this is the first bit of peace and quiet I’ve had for some time and it’s amazed me how much I’ve achieved in one morning with no husband or baby getting under my feet!

Before Ethan I used to procrastinate quite a bit when chores needed doing, when I needed to complete a piece of work, write a blog, get my paperwork in order, that sort of thing. Now I find I can get things done in lightening speed – based on the fact that most things need doing in the time when Ethan is napping – approximately one hour.

When he’s awake  – nothing can be achieved, other than keeping him happy. So I’ve learnt to be fast, and effective. Now I have done all that needs doing for the morning and I’m casually writing this – with no pressure to write quickly – and it’s wonderful!

In order to gain this tranquility I’ve had to turn down a trip to Bridport market with friends – this is where Ethan and Guy currently are. And I’m sure it would have been a wonderful day out – one which I’m gutted to miss. But on the other hand, I’m sitting in the garden on my own – it’s just gone lunchtime, it’s sunny and it’s silent.



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