My first mother’s day

I’m a bit late in posting this, but a lovely mother’s day spent with family rendered me slightly too tipsy to write anything sensible on Sunday. As my first mother’s day of actually being a bona fide “mother” I have to say it was most agreeable.
A cup of tea made my husband first thing, and a lovely card and beautiful orchid selected carefully by Ethan – he has an eye for quality – made me feel very special. Then came the wondrous promise from Guy that he would tidy the kitchen for me while I had a shower. This would have been a great present had Guy not have fallen asleep on the sofa (photographic evidence immediately posted on Facebook). And while I had the opportunity of an hour’s peace and quiet, I donned the rubber gloves myself and scrubbed said kitchen, and just for good measure, the bathroom as well!
I suppose it was a small price to pay for some quality me time.
Anyway, the thought was there, and I got to feel very appreciated for the rest of the day.
So mother’s day, although a commercial money-spinner, I have decided, is a very good thing indeed.




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