Enforcing family time

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find time where we can spend days together as a family, with Guy working on a Masters dissertation, and me just having to chase after Ethan constantly, so we said last week that we would have a day out to the beautiful Stourhead gardens on Saturday. Unfortunately, on Thursday I suffered with what I can only imagine to be the evil Norovirus vomiting bug, and recovering quickly was not on the agenda.
Come Saturday the sun was shining, and I was looking forward to getting some fresh air – but Guy came down with the bug and spent the entire day in bed while I …… cleaned the house!
On Sunday we were so determine to fulfil our “family day” promise that we dragged ourselves around Stourhead gardens, despite feeling ropey. We managed about two hours before feeling exhausted, hungry, and ready to come home.
The moral of the story? Don’t force fun days out – they inevitably don’t turn out to be much fun. Better luck next time.



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