A little bit of perspective

Supposedly January is meant to be the month of feeling “blue”, with the come down from Christmas, and the gloomy winter days. I tend to find February is my worst month, and although it’s a short it tends to drag.
This year it’s been about thinking of going back to part time work, being cooped up in the house with Ethan and spending weekends without Guy as he studies for a masters degree and his chartered surveyor’s qualification.
This morning though, the sun is shining and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and go for a walk with Ethan in tow.
There’s a loop I do near our house, and it never ceases to make me feel blessed about where I live. Breathtaking views, regardless of the weather, make me feel so lucky for living in this part of the world. It’s a walk I take when I need to clear my head, put the world to rights with good friends, and enjoy being together with my husband. It’s a walk that has always served me well.
Today it made me think that although it’s still February, the sun is shining, all is well in my world and life is good. Besides, March isn’t so far away.
Hooray for Somerset!





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