Returning to normality

After nine months of not going out, not sleeping and feeling like we’ve been in a bit of a bubble, it’s just struck me that Ethan can’t be classed as a newborn, or even a baby anymore. Soon we will be calling him a toddler, and he’ll have his first birthday in May.
All of a sudden, we’re just another couple with a child, and the newness and excitement that other people showed when Ethan was first born is now fading. That’s not a negative, it means we managed to get past the tough bit (although people always tell me it never gets easier…) and we can start going out, feeling happier to leave Ethan with the grandparents and venture further afield.
At the weekend I had my longest stint away from Ethan – from Friday until Monday – joining friends in Oxford for a hen do. I felt like the old me, and though I missed Ethan, it was great to be able to feel I could start doing fun things again. Of course I couldn’t possibly tell you what we got up to – after all, what goes on tour, stays on tour, right? All I can say is that I didn’t do any knitting……..



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