High drama and fingerless gloves

It’s been an interesting week for the family. Finally, having got over my feeling-terrible-ness, we had a scare on Sunday night when Ethan woke up making a noise like a barking seal and seeming not to be able to catch his breath.
Like the paranoid first-time parents that we are, panic set it, followed by the “no one ever prepared us for this” face and then the sudden decision that driving to Yeovil hospital A and E department was the only thing for it – at midnight. Of course the second we arrived, the seal-like noises and shortness of breath miraculously disappeared as quickly as it had started. On meeting a member of the paediatric team Ethan then turned on the charm, laughing and hooting as if this was all a very amusing game.
Anyway, he’s fine. I guess it’s the first of many panicky moments that we’ll have where our baby is concerned.
During the day before the hospital incident, my poor mum rang me to tell me she’d been walking the dog when she happened upon a dead lady lying in the road. It had shaken her up pretty badly and who can blame her? So in a week of high drama, knitting has featured fairly low down on the agenda I’m afraid to say.
However, with the cold weather finally setting in, I’m working on a pair of fingerless mittens – I’ve finished one, so one hand will be nice and warm. I imagine they’ll be useful should we have any more late night drives to the hospital…..



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