10 reasons why knitting is great

When I was taught how to knit, not all that long ago, I knew I wanted to keep it up as a hobby but I never really realised just how much I would love it. Here are 10 reasons why I think knitting is great.
1. It’s better than exercise. Before knitting I could easily drink a few glasses of wine during an evening while watching telly and scoffing a bag of Cadbury’s Buttons. Now I get so engrossed in what I’m doing I forget to eat and drink, therefore saving me from consuming thousands of calories.
2. It saves money. Before knitting I would see things in the shops and think nothing about shelling out loadsa money on the latest cool item of clothing, now I tell myself “I could make that” meaning I don’t buy anything (although I never get round to making it either).
3. I’ve extended my social group.
I now have an extra 20 or so friends over the age of 70 who have taught me more about the town I live in than I managed to learn in eight years of living here, including my neighbour’s name.
4. I get to buy brightly coloured wool.
5. My husband thinks I’m really clever. For some reason Guy thinks the art of knitting is mysterious and amazing and is still thrilled at the prospect of me one day knitting him a jumper.
6. My mum is finally asking for my advice after 30 years of me asking for hers.
Mum thinks I know more about knitting and “how to hold the wool” than she does.
7. I get waited on hand and foot. The phrase “I just need to finish this row” sounds very important and means someone else makes the tea or changes channel for me.
8. I sound more interesting. Now rather than just writing “reading and going to the cinema” as hobbies on my CV, I can add “knitting”. How very quirky.
9. I get “me time”. At the end of a very long day talking to a baby, it gives me the opportunity to ignore everyone and pretend I’m engrossed in a pattern.
10. I get to write about it. Well, I’ve got to tell someone how great it is!



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