The first night of being off-duty mum

On the train to London, Monday night, and I’m thinking this is the first time I will have been away from my son since he was born.
Surrounded by suits, laptops on tables and people with an agenda, I’m sat with a 70s knitting pattern, an empty pack of Sainsbury’s sushi and thoughts of whether or not Guy is going to remember to give Ethan his milk at the right times while I am not there to supervise.
I suppose this is where I’m meant to do that “letting go” thing, and it does feel a little odd.
On the other hand, it does feel strangely liberating. I have already achieved one of my ambitions, knitting proficiently on a train, whilst managing to maintain an air of calm and sophistication (of a fashion).
Tonight I will drink wine with my sister in law knowing (hopefully) that I will not be woken at some godforsaken hour in the morning by a screaming baby. I will wake up and worry just about myself. I can drink a cup of tea while it is still hot and have a shower at my own leisurely pace, where I don’t have to worry if Ethan has pulled the baby walker on top of his head.
Tomorrow I am going shopping with a good friend and we plan to eat sushi in Harrods and drink bubbly (her treat – I resigned, remember!) Freedom.
But although I can’t wait for the fun and excitement of the city, I already miss that feeling of being needed. And I’m already looking forward to seeing my baby again!
I’ll leave you with a cute picture – then I get to take one more look at my son…..



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