Nightmare on Briggs Street

It must be Friday 13, Ethan won’t stop screaming. He’s either got more teeth coming, or he’s just determined that I have a bad day – to add to a string of bad nights. Right now I could feature in a horror movie as I look like a zombie, no stage make-up needed.
I’m also completely confused thanks to the latest knitting project. Telling me to cast on in 6mm needles, I then need to swap to 7mm – I go to the charity shop, pick up some needles, clearly marked with a 7, only to discover later that this actually means they are 4.5mm, and another set of “6” needles, which are in fact, 5mm. What I actually needed
were a set of size “2” needles, which are 7mm in ye olde ancient English terms…. And the 6mm would be a 4, unless, of course you look at the American sizing…. When you would need a size 10 needle…..aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!
So why is today so unlucky? Here’s one reason



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