Life begins at 30

With Kate Middleton hitting the big 3-uh-oh this month, it got me thinking about whether I’d achieved all the things I’d set out to do by the time I reached 30.
Ok, so I’m not a princess, but that was never the aim, so I don’t regret that.
If you’d told my 18-year-old self that by the time I reached 30 I would be an avid knitter, keen gardener and occasional baker then I think I would have run a country mile. But back then, those pastimes weren’t “cool” like they are now (as this article proves!)
At that time I had aspirations of being a session musician for some uber cool band, or a hard nosed journalist for the national press. I liked to keep my options open.
As it happens, I did become a journalist, albeit in sleepy Somerset for the local press, and I did get pretty good at playing the guitar. But the best thing I did when I hit 30 was realise that it doesn’t matter whether or not what you do is “cool”, or what people think of you – as long as you’re happy doing it. Thirty rocks!



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