Here’s to the little things in life

There’s no doubt about it – it’s tough looking after a baby. When I first had Ethan I used to wonder how on earth people coped past the first three months. I doubted myself with everything I did and kept asking myself if I was really the great mum I had hoped I could be. Happily, I now seem to have a better grasp of what I’m doing and it’s the small things in life that confirm this. Having my parents look after Ethan for a few hours on Saturday made me realise that I should never have worried.
It seems that having not tackled a nappy for 30-odd years mum and dad went in for the two man approach when he needed changing. While mum dangled Ethan in mid-air, my dad then made to secure what they refer to as “the Velcro bits” of his nappy around his waist. It was only after I returned home and they left that I discovered, much to my amusement that they had managed to put the nappy on backwards. Joy!
MisGuided Parent writes a hilarious blog which makes me feel a whole lot better about my parenting skills. Check out this post on how babies are really easy to impress.
Now, on the knitting front I need to find something to start before knitting club resumes on Wednesday. My neighbour has given me a classic pattern magazine from the 70s with some highly amusing pictures in. I must say I’m very tempted by a few of these…….





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