Out with the old – and the still quite new


I’m on a mission…..

I used to hoard clothes and my wardrobe was full of items still with the labels on, jam packed so Guy only had space for a couple of jumpers. Well a few months ago I took a whole load of stuff to the charity shop – including shiny new garments that physically hurt to give away.

And now I must start on Ethan’s clothes.

Who knew how much stuff an eight-month old baby could accumulate. There are hats, shoes, socks, bibs, trousers, baby-gros -you name it, which he wore for just a few minutes.

I did one “sort out” when he hit three months, as we’d been given teeny tiny things that he grew out of in five minutes. Some bits we’ve put away (because you just never know when you might need them again, apparently!) and others we’ve given away.

With everything sorted into piles I just can’t believe how many clothes there are – and I’ve got to figure out where to hide them, or just give them to the charity shop knowing that someone will get more use out of them.

Maybe I should just hide them all in the wardrobe – Ethan doesn’t seem bothered either way!



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