Crawling, owls, and happy new year



Well, Christmas at the Briggs family home was fab, with Ethan being spoilt rotten. His favourite present? Well it seemed to be anything with a cardboard box and twinkly paper. The interactive toys which light up and sing, which Guy and I agonised over, make him cry. Ho hum!
It seems to be all about owls this year. I received a yummy chocolate owl, Ethan got a cute cuddly owl, and my friend Claire finished her Barney owl, a gift for a little girl. The pattern is by Amanda Berry, and you can find it on etsy
I have now started my own knitted owl, and I have the recipient in mind, but can’t say who….
Other knitting news is that I have been given a book on a style of knitting called entrelac, which I’d never heard of before but looks amazing, albeit rather advanced for me at the moment! New years resolutions? Too many to list. And as Ethan chose Christmas as the time to really get to grips with crawling, I’m not sure what I’m going to have time for anymore…….. Happy new year to all!



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