All in the nick of time


Phew, I think I’m there. Last night was spent making the all-important uber sherry-filled trifle, with Guy making two lemon tarts, and us both having to dash out to find enough double cream to feed a small country. The sloe gin has been given the festive treatment with bows and pretty labels and we’ve poured cider on the used boozy sloes to create a new drink called slider! And most important of all……. I finished knitting the scarf! All in all, a successful day. So, now time to relax right? Ha, I think not – let the merriment commence. Happy Christmas to you all! X



2 thoughts on “All in the nick of time

  1. I thought they were presents for my old friend ” Gin”!
    Now she’s a grandmother, rather than being a Granny or a Nanna, thought she might be a ” Sloe Gin”
    Happy Christmas to you all, love the Halls in NZ

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