My kind of Christmas lunch


A nice glass or two of chilled Prosecco, tasty soup, bread and cheese, two or more chocolate brownies and a load of good company – now that’s more my kind of Christmas party!
After the last disaster with children smearing bits of food in my face, I’m pleased to report that today I am feeling much more festive having managed to enjoy a party which involved several children, food and drink.
Maybe it was due to the fact that we didn’t have to wait almost three hours for Santa to arrive, but a good friend just hosted a Christmas lunch to be proud of.
I am definitely out of practice with the old drinking in the day routine that sometimes comes with “nipping to the pub” at lunchtime when you are working, but I’ve just remembered how good that used to be!
And Ethan seemed to enjoy it just as much as me. Not the drinking, obviously, but getting out from the usual four walls and seeing some other friendly baby faces. A winner all round.
Now I better get on with my knitting as I have this wretched scarf to finish by Christmas day. Am I seeing double?



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