Time for a cuppa….

No one told me that Christmas parties for babies and toddlers were hell on earth. I’ve just returned from utter chaos – Ethan’s first sighting of Father Christmas has been what I can only describe as a bit of a bun fight.
We left the house this morning looking quite presentable, clean pair of jeans (which in itself is quite an achievement), hair washed and I even managed a bit of make up. I now return with mini cheddar bits in my hair, a bag full of sicky wet wipes and a screaming child desperate for sleep. Yesterday I felt festive – today I would like to lie down in a dark room and wait until January.
I had high hopes of Ethan’s first Santa sighting being a magical moment – with laughter and joy…. Hmmm, maybe next time. Perhaps I’ll give the other kids’ Christmas parties a miss.
Now, where’s that kettle – I need a cup of tea….


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