Crawling, owls, and happy new year



Well, Christmas at the Briggs family home was fab, with Ethan being spoilt rotten. His favourite present? Well it seemed to be anything with a cardboard box and twinkly paper. The interactive toys which light up and sing, which Guy and I agonised over, make him cry. Ho hum!
It seems to be all about owls this year. I received a yummy chocolate owl, Ethan got a cute cuddly owl, and my friend Claire finished her Barney owl, a gift for a little girl. The pattern is by Amanda Berry, and you can find it on etsy
I have now started my own knitted owl, and I have the recipient in mind, but can’t say who….
Other knitting news is that I have been given a book on a style of knitting called entrelac, which I’d never heard of before but looks amazing, albeit rather advanced for me at the moment! New years resolutions? Too many to list. And as Ethan chose Christmas as the time to really get to grips with crawling, I’m not sure what I’m going to have time for anymore…….. Happy new year to all!



All in the nick of time


Phew, I think I’m there. Last night was spent making the all-important uber sherry-filled trifle, with Guy making two lemon tarts, and us both having to dash out to find enough double cream to feed a small country. The sloe gin has been given the festive treatment with bows and pretty labels and we’ve poured cider on the used boozy sloes to create a new drink called slider! And most important of all……. I finished knitting the scarf! All in all, a successful day. So, now time to relax right? Ha, I think not – let the merriment commence. Happy Christmas to you all! X


My kind of Christmas lunch


A nice glass or two of chilled Prosecco, tasty soup, bread and cheese, two or more chocolate brownies and a load of good company – now that’s more my kind of Christmas party!
After the last disaster with children smearing bits of food in my face, I’m pleased to report that today I am feeling much more festive having managed to enjoy a party which involved several children, food and drink.
Maybe it was due to the fact that we didn’t have to wait almost three hours for Santa to arrive, but a good friend just hosted a Christmas lunch to be proud of.
I am definitely out of practice with the old drinking in the day routine that sometimes comes with “nipping to the pub” at lunchtime when you are working, but I’ve just remembered how good that used to be!
And Ethan seemed to enjoy it just as much as me. Not the drinking, obviously, but getting out from the usual four walls and seeing some other friendly baby faces. A winner all round.
Now I better get on with my knitting as I have this wretched scarf to finish by Christmas day. Am I seeing double?


A traditional day with a modern twist


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Every year just before Christmas my dad and I go on a shopping pilgrimage to Bath during the time of the Christmas Market. It’s tradition. We’ve been doing this every year since time immemorial (or thereabouts). This was the first … Continue reading

Vintage or just plain old second hand?

I’m pleased to report that I have not attended any further “baby Christmas parties” since my ordeal last Friday. Now firmly back on a festive footing I have wrapped nearly all my Christmas pressies, sent all but one of my Christmas cards and decorated the house, all bar the tree – which is tonight’s job when my husband Guy gets home.

All very organised I think you’ll agree.

With a little time (not a huge amount, mind!) on my hands I am now thinking forwards to my next creative venture and having looked around Somerton‘s vintage market on Saturday I have a few ideas up my sleeve. I’m afraid to say I didn’t make any purchases at the market – and at the risk of sounding like a right cheapskate, it’s because I found the prices of fabric and a lot of the merchandise a little unrealistic. For example an Enid Blyton Noddy book, hardly bigger than a box of matches would have set me back a tenner, and a small square of “vintage fabric” would have set me back £35.

The vintage market attracted quite a crowd

Bearing in mind I then managed to find two Enid Blyton books in a charity shop for £2.95 the pair (The Enchanted Wood, and The Adventures of Binkle and Flip, whoever they are….) and this beautiful piece of fabric which set me back 30p from a closing down haberdashery, I think sometimes the word vintage is just an excuse to add a few more figures to the price tag. Now I’m all for finding a bargain at a car boot or charity shop – before the prices get marked right up. Yesterday I managed to find a baby Santa outfit (don’t judge me) for £2. Pictures of Ethan Christmas to follow in the next post along with some Christmas tree joy!

30p fabric

Although some items were clearly overpriced, there were some lovely things at the market and some pretty handmade toys, clothes and jewellery, if you’re not inclined to make your own.

It also provided the excuse to go out for lunch, although I was not entirely delighted at the fact Ethan kicked off just as I reached the halfway point of devouring a goats cheese panini, and Guy took him home – leaving me a bit Billy-no-mates in a coffee shop on my own! Whilst trying to appear busy and important during this time I browsed through one of our local rags, the Blackmore Vale, only to come across this amazing job for a knitter – now that’s a way to make a living. I only need a little more practice!

I was really hoping to get along to last night’s knitting group as I had such a great time last week, but Guy got stuck in London due to terrible train delays and I was stuck in the house knitting by myself…… hope this doesn’t become a habit…….

Time for a cuppa….

No one told me that Christmas parties for babies and toddlers were hell on earth. I’ve just returned from utter chaos – Ethan’s first sighting of Father Christmas has been what I can only describe as a bit of a bun fight.
We left the house this morning looking quite presentable, clean pair of jeans (which in itself is quite an achievement), hair washed and I even managed a bit of make up. I now return with mini cheddar bits in my hair, a bag full of sicky wet wipes and a screaming child desperate for sleep. Yesterday I felt festive – today I would like to lie down in a dark room and wait until January.
I had high hopes of Ethan’s first Santa sighting being a magical moment – with laughter and joy…. Hmmm, maybe next time. Perhaps I’ll give the other kids’ Christmas parties a miss.
Now, where’s that kettle – I need a cup of tea….