Three, it’s the magic number

So the second installation of knitting club took place at mine and there were a total of……. three. OK, so we haven’t exactly set the world on fire yet, but we’re working on it. And it was a different three to last time – if that counts. There are actually six members, but we haven’t managed to all be free at the same time on the same day. We’re all very busy people, don’t you know!

Well, here are two of them….

The scarf project I am working on is a slow one, but I am still plodding on and it’s certainly taking shape, but much more exciting is the pattern I found on Etsy courtesy of Amanda Berry, of the most adorable owl……

Amanda Berry’s Barney Owl

I think this is going to make an amazing gift for someone and if I start soon, then who knows – it may be finished by next Christmas. One present I have managed to nearly finish is a flower brooch, using the same poppy design that I used for my remembrance day brooch, just using purple wool and a gold button for the centre. The picture doesn’t do it justice I’m afraid, but you get the general idea!

knitted flower brooch

So this time, knitting club involved drinking wine, as opposed to tea – which I think is a great leap forward, and next time more than three people may turn up. Not that it matters though, after all, three is the magic number.


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