Inspiring Kernow

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There’s something so relaxing about being by the sea, off season, when the grockles have all gone home.

Polperro, in Cornwall, is a gem and this is where I have just returned from, fully energized and inspired. Walking through the little back lanes and hiking up the cliff side, overlooking the harbour definitely clears the cobwebs.

Ethan got packed into his carrier which was slung on my back and off we went on an exploratory mission. Now I’ve been going to Polperro for years, but it’s amazing what you can miss if you’re not looking closely.

Examples of fabulous arts and crafts are all around – from the house with shells embedded into its walls, to beautiful woodcarvings on shop windows. And there is plenty for any artist or crafter to explore, with the Polperro Arts Foundation, right on the harbourside and craft shops including the rather fabulous wool shop, Alternative Polperro, with a great website

The two days away gave me the opportunity to escape the drudgery of housework and instead get time to play with Ethan and take him exploring, as well as get knitting – remember I’ve got my husband’s scarf to knit in time for Christmas! Despite having to unpick half of my work (they say this is the best way to learn if you go wrong!) I have made some headway on it.

Now I’m back from the solitude of beautiful Kernow and I am back to the grindstone of chores and the reality of life – in fact, I think I hear Ethan screaming now……


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