Baby boom

Ethan models my first creation

Having a baby really made me want to be able to create beautiful little clothes that would make everyone coo. My first knitted creation was a scarf for Ethan, which he is is modelling for you here. This, I consider to be a triumph. My next creation however has received mixed reactions. With the arrival of my friends’ new baby Henry, I thought I would jump straight into some tricky circular knitting to create a lovely quick pair of bootees as a gift for him. How hard can it be? Well, firstly getting to grips with the circular needles proved tricky, and then it turns out I used the wrong wool – ie double knit, rather than baby wool (all looked the same to me!) The result? A beautiful patterned baby bootee for an absolute giant. I can fit my entire hand into it – in fact, I could probably wear it on my own foot. So, after having taken an absolute age to knit one, I decided that I would not bother with the second, and instead use this as proof that I can now use the circular needles – but I am sparing Henry from ridicule! If you would like to knit the correct sized bootee and have considerably more experience than me, you can find the pattern here at The Making Spot.

My giant bootee

In Wells I spotted these amusing woolly trousers in a shop that sells cute baby stuff, called The Potting Shed, incidently, there is also the most amazing haberdashery in the city, called Millie Moon which sells the most wonderful fabrics.

Amusing woolly trousers


Now I am on the lookout for a nice easy pattern for babies that I can knit for little Henry – something that won’t need him to be six foot tall to pull off!

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