Three, it’s the magic number

So the second installation of knitting club took place at mine and there were a total of……. three. OK, so we haven’t exactly set the world on fire yet, but we’re working on it. And it was a different three to last time – if that counts. There are actually six members, but we haven’t managed to all be free at the same time on the same day. We’re all very busy people, don’t you know!

Well, here are two of them….

The scarf project I am working on is a slow one, but I am still plodding on and it’s certainly taking shape, but much more exciting is the pattern I found on Etsy courtesy of Amanda Berry, of the most adorable owl……

Amanda Berry’s Barney Owl

I think this is going to make an amazing gift for someone and if I start soon, then who knows – it may be finished by next Christmas. One present I have managed to nearly finish is a flower brooch, using the same poppy design that I used for my remembrance day brooch, just using purple wool and a gold button for the centre. The picture doesn’t do it justice I’m afraid, but you get the general idea!

knitted flower brooch

So this time, knitting club involved drinking wine, as opposed to tea – which I think is a great leap forward, and next time more than three people may turn up. Not that it matters though, after all, three is the magic number.


Inspiring Kernow

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There’s something so relaxing about being by the sea, off season, when the grockles have all gone home.

Polperro, in Cornwall, is a gem and this is where I have just returned from, fully energized and inspired. Walking through the little back lanes and hiking up the cliff side, overlooking the harbour definitely clears the cobwebs.

Ethan got packed into his carrier which was slung on my back and off we went on an exploratory mission. Now I’ve been going to Polperro for years, but it’s amazing what you can miss if you’re not looking closely.

Examples of fabulous arts and crafts are all around – from the house with shells embedded into its walls, to beautiful woodcarvings on shop windows. And there is plenty for any artist or crafter to explore, with the Polperro Arts Foundation, right on the harbourside and craft shops including the rather fabulous wool shop, Alternative Polperro, with a great website

The two days away gave me the opportunity to escape the drudgery of housework and instead get time to play with Ethan and take him exploring, as well as get knitting – remember I’ve got my husband’s scarf to knit in time for Christmas! Despite having to unpick half of my work (they say this is the best way to learn if you go wrong!) I have made some headway on it.

Now I’m back from the solitude of beautiful Kernow and I am back to the grindstone of chores and the reality of life – in fact, I think I hear Ethan screaming now……

Baby boom

Ethan models my first creation

Having a baby really made me want to be able to create beautiful little clothes that would make everyone coo. My first knitted creation was a scarf for Ethan, which he is is modelling for you here. This, I consider to be a triumph. My next creation however has received mixed reactions. With the arrival of my friends’ new baby Henry, I thought I would jump straight into some tricky circular knitting to create a lovely quick pair of bootees as a gift for him. How hard can it be? Well, firstly getting to grips with the circular needles proved tricky, and then it turns out I used the wrong wool – ie double knit, rather than baby wool (all looked the same to me!) The result? A beautiful patterned baby bootee for an absolute giant. I can fit my entire hand into it – in fact, I could probably wear it on my own foot. So, after having taken an absolute age to knit one, I decided that I would not bother with the second, and instead use this as proof that I can now use the circular needles – but I am sparing Henry from ridicule! If you would like to knit the correct sized bootee and have considerably more experience than me, you can find the pattern here at The Making Spot.

My giant bootee

In Wells I spotted these amusing woolly trousers in a shop that sells cute baby stuff, called The Potting Shed, incidently, there is also the most amazing haberdashery in the city, called Millie Moon which sells the most wonderful fabrics.

Amusing woolly trousers


Now I am on the lookout for a nice easy pattern for babies that I can knit for little Henry – something that won’t need him to be six foot tall to pull off!

Six months later…..

OK, so I know a delay of six months is unforgiveable in blog world – but I was just getting started when I went and had a baby (he’s here on the left – Ethan, that is).

The good news is that in that time, not only has my crochet improved -thank goodness – and I now have a random crochet square blanket, but I have also learnt to knit – my new passion.

Of course, being a new mum with hours on my hands, according to my husband, has given me the perfect opportunity to start up a new knitting club – which is just starting to take off. I’m thinking something along the lines of knit and natter, knit and chat, or my personal favourite “stitch and bitch”. So far there are only 3 active knitting club members, with another 3 ready to come along and taste the next session when I hope it really gets going.

A handy knitting lesson from my good friends Lyndsey Mayhew and Nicola Burnett at The Makery,   based in Bath’s Walcot Street, proved just what my crafty self needed for my 30th birthday, this sparked the knitting enthusiasm- and now my knitting fingers are on fire!

Three hours of learning how to cast on and off and knitting and purling was great fun, and I’ve already created knitted beads, a baby bootee – just the one so far (!) and as it’s 11/11/11 today, and lest we forget – I’ve knitted myself a poppy of remembrance and donated to the Royal British Legion.

Lest we forget

So I know it’s been a long time since my last post-  (no remembrance day pun intended), but next time I won’t leave it so long – I promise. My task this week is to teach a friend how to knit a poppy, start my second bootee and even knit my husband a scarf! For inspiration and amazing crafting ideas at the moment I’m following The Making Spot online and on Facebook because it’s fab and I always get really inspired when I check it out. Anyway, must get knitting – until next time, when I will post an am using picture of the first giant baby bootee for your amusement. 🙂